Misato Flower Trading Company

From the production area to the living room

About Us

Our company comprehensively considers the distribution process from the production of flowers, which are perishable products, all the way to delivery to consumers, and conducts processes from end to end.

We work to optimize the series of logistics processes including transportation, packaging and processing, wholesale, and retail in order to reduce inventory and costs.

This allows us to deliver fresh and healthy flowers to consumers faster and more affordably.

Our Business

  • Flower Production Business

    We work with our own company farms and cooperating farmers in Japan, as well as South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and South Africa, striving for quick and smooth distribution and stable supply of fresh flowers.

  • Plant Import/Export Business

    Our company is a flower shop that boasts the highest import of orchids in Japan. We have formed cooperative relationships only with producers that raise high quality flowers, so that we can maintain a stable supply and price and deliver their flowers to the domestic market.

  • E-commerce Business

    We are also developing an e-commerce business in which we sell rare overseas plants such as tubers and fresh and affordable cut flowers delivered directly from domestic producers.

  • Store Business

    We operate four stores in high-end supermarkets and other locations in Aichi Prefecture, where we handle high-quality and long-lasting fresh flowers, as well as congratulatory flowers and potted plants such as moth orchids. Our flower professionals create arrangements and bouquets according to customers’ wishes.

  • Gardening Materials

    We are also developing an e-commerce business in which we sell rare overseas plants such We also adopt the ideas of our customers to plan products for convenient gardening materials. We have developed and marketed Hatakeomoi, a growth promoting agent that grows larger plants with the power of compound lactic acid bacteria.

  • Corporate Congratulatory Flowers

    We flexibly respond to customers’ budget and requests and rapidly deliver high-quality moth orchids, ornamental plants, and arrangements, which are suitable for celebrations such as inaugurations, business openings, and store openings.

Greetings from the Representative

Like a single flower.
We bring smiles and happiness to people who love flowers.

Misato Flower Trading Company began as a small local flower shop, and we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our founding in 2025. As we approach this milestone, we would like to express our earnest gratitude to our local customers and suppliers in Japan and overseas, whom we call “family”.

Since our incorporation in 2001, we have strived to establish a distribution system that integrates the processes of trade, production, wholesale, retail, and distribution, which are still divided among flower-related businesses.

Currently, we are the number one importer of orchids among flower shops in Japan. We have grown as a “flower trading company”, working with suppliers in Taiwan and ten other countries. We also operate our own farms in Japan and abroad, and deliver fresh and high-quality flowers to customers, working with the theme “from the growing center to the living room”.

In the future, we will ensure a stable supply of flowers through partnerships with more suppliers, and pursue mutually sustainable management and creation of social value by building strong bonds of trust.

In addition to improving our working environment and increasing compensation, we will enhance our organization by achieving the dreams and aspirations of our employees one by one, and all of our employees will work together to realize corporate growth and social contribution.

However, we must never forget that no matter how our company grows, we are the flower shop that is closest to our customers.

Like a single flower that blooms by your side.

We promise to make it the mission of each and every employee to bring smiles and happiness to our customers who love flowers and the people we work with.

Misato Flower Trading Company
Representative Director & CEO

Atsuhiro Kushida

Company Profile

Company Name
Misato Flower Trading Company
Representative Name
Atsuhiro Kushida
38 Kamimaecho 2-chome, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken Google Map
Founded: October 3, 1965 ・ Established: October 23, 2001
Number of employees
Production, wholesale, retail, and import of fresh flowers